Reviews for Nail Art Rhinestones Set with Glue and Tools

Product description :

  • Premium Crystal Rhinestones Made from high quality K9 Glass which is pure, solid and transparent. Via special steam treatment, the colorful coating is bonded firmly to the outer surface of each crystal bead with durable sparkling and brightness. Genuine gold / silver plating of flat back helps to enhance reflective dazzling.
  • Quick-drying & Long Lasting Glue Our gel (8ml) combines the functions of both normal rhinestone glue and no-wash coat sealer. Besides glueing rhinestones, it can also be used for styling, nail extension and top coat sealing (UV light cure is needed). Since it is very light-sensitive, please do not open the inner foil completely during usage, and store the glue in a dark place.
  • Comprehensive Tools Included Whether you want to apply our gel glue, pick up rhinestones, or do 3D painting, you can find what you need in our tool set. Besides, we also send a piece of clay to facilitate the use of dotting pen to pick up big/small rhinestones.
  • Details for Rhinestones Totally approx. 1500pcs. 5 colors are clear, aurora borealis, red ab, gold and black gray. Sizes for round rhinestones are from ss6 – ss16. Sizes for all shaped rhinestones are as below: Dart Square(5mm, 10pcs), Pillow(6*8mm, 10pcs), Trapezoid(4*6mm, 10pcs), Star(6mm, 10pcs), Navette(3*11mm, 5pcs), Raindrop(5*8mm, 5pcs), Arrow(5*8mm, 5pcs), Square(4mm, 5pcs), Oval(4*6mm, 5pcs), Teardrop(3*10mm, 5pcs)
  • Wide Applications Perfect ab rhinestones for crafts, nail art, clothes, face, shoes, jewelry, etc. GUARANTEE: If you are NOT satisfied with ULGAI flat back rhinestones or have any other question about the product, pls contact us, we will try out best to solve your problem. 30-day money-back guarantee is provided unconditionally.

Product images :

Reviews for Nail Art Rhinestones Set with Glue and Tools
Reviews for Nail Art Rhinestones Set with Glue and Tools
Reviews for Nail Art Rhinestones Set with Glue and Tools
Reviews for Nail Art Rhinestones Set with Glue and Tools
Reviews for Nail Art Rhinestones Set with Glue and Tools
Reviews for Nail Art Rhinestones Set with Glue and Tools

Some reviews from customer for this product :


Do not hesitate to buy. These stones are really pretty and when it hits the light it shines and reflects like a real diamond. Will be ordering more very soon



This rhinestones are so pretty, the shine is mainly magenta/blue/green, this will look good on most of the nail colors. And the tiny tiny ones are beautiful, I’m leaving a picture with the smaller and the tiny ones to compare, all are just beautiful. The box that came in is the most practical, it allows me to open one lid at the time, this will prevent spilling. Don’t sneeze in it! lol


Laurie r.

These stones are so beautiful I just bought me two more sets of them they give you so much in a package all different sizes and shapes I recommend this to everybody that wants beautiful nail art what’s the right type of glue these will stay on for a long time. they look so beautiful they sparkle when the light hits them.


Genesis R. Feliz

These tools for nail art are impressive, brushes make your life easier when building flowers for nails, I being amazon nail top contributor I can recommend you buy this set of rhinestones and nail brushes.


Jazmine R.

I have been purchasing AB Crystals for nearly a decade and these are legit. They are beautiful and I will mainly use them for nails and smaller decorations on accessories. I included pictures of the smallest and biggest of the rounded variety. I will be purchasing again, great deal for the awesome quality!


Rosalinda Martinez

The rhinestone are beautifully and very shiny . I I’ve all the bushes and the glue or gel work very well . No rhinestones falling I have to putt them off . I couldn’t figure out what the little piece of red wax was for until I figured out it was to pick them up . I took a little piece and sticked it to the dotting tool.



Super cute shapes amd variety of stones for price! Have only used a few of the smaller round stones. Had a client come back today, and still had color and shine. She received lots of compliments. So I would say they held up very well!


Quiet Soul

These are literally the prettiest rhinestones I’ve ever seen. The color and clarity is brilliant. They have zero cloud in them, like other rhinestones do. The other design shapes were mostly too big for nails but the round stones are so pretty I think it makes up for that.

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